How ConvenuPAY Works

The credit card associations have created special rules that enable the charging of a convenience fee to your customers to help offset the fees associated with accepting credit cards. The difficulty is that understanding convenience fees, and how a merchant may use them, is akin to solving a rubik's cube.

A key component of the credit card association's convenience fee program is that a convenience fee must be automatically calculated prior to authorization and then submitted and processed as a separate transaction from the fees or taxes being paid. Any governmental organization or educational institution that wants to assess a fee back on credit card transactions, regardless of whether it is online, over the phone, in the mail, or in person must meet these requirements based upon a precise calculation of a very complex set of rules and regulations that vary by card type, card brand and merchant environment.

ConvenuPAY gives government and education merchants the tools they need to take advantage of the credit card convenience fee programs. Our Virtual Point of Sale can be rapidly deployed for your organization's phone order clerks, and a personalized web payment page can be linked to your website to allow your customers to self-service pay online. ConvenuPAY pays for itself and will yield significant savings in merchant processing fees.

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