Why ConvenuPAY

Let's face it, the recession may have been deemed "over" by some, but the recovery process is still ongoing and the need to maximize revenue without raising costs is as important now as ever. Did you know that accepting credit cards as a form of payment has been proven to increase the flow of funds? Not to mention increasing the effectiveness of your operations.

If you accept credit cards, or have considered it in the past, it's possible that you may think the cost of running transactions is too high and that it cuts into your revenue. With ConvenuPAY, we offer a solution that not only makes it easy for you to accept credit cards, but allows you to recoup the transaction charges in the form of a convenience fee.

Auto-Add Convenience Fees

Through our sophisticated system, we are able to provide a fail-safe calculation that automatically adds convenience fee charges to your customer's transaction.

Fast, Real-Time Processing

From the time the transaction is submitted, it only takes 2-3 seconds to process. Give your customers the ability to move on, and you the security that the funds are in route.

Transaction Entering is Easy with ConvenuPAY

Unlimited Simultaneous Users

Whether you have five employees or 500 across a multitude of municipal departments, ConvenuPAY will allow you to integrate as many individuals, on as many levels as you see fit, at no extra cost.

Web-Based Reporting on Past Transaction Data

You'll have access to a top of the line reporting database that gives you what you need to balance your books and see how ConvenuPAY helps increase your bottom line.

Comprehensive Customer Support and Training

When we say quick implementation, we mean it. From showing you how to use the product, to registration and implementing the system to meet your needs, our implantation team will be there to make sure you are ready to go. Additionally, our support team will be there 24/7/365 to help you as you use the product.

VISA / MasterCard Convenience Fee Rules Interpretation and Compliance

We stay abreast of all of the latest rules and regulations regarding convenience fees so all you have to worry about is making money.

ConvenuPAY Makes Organizing Users Simple